Various Process Units and Their Functionality

Various Process Units and Their Functionality

Crude oil refinery feed is crude oil and the finished product is unbelievable Petroleum products. The process of conversion of dark and dirty viscous fluid to clean transparent product like Gasoline, Diesel etc is a long process . It involve various phases of pressure and temperature and separation levels.

This long downstream process is divided into a large number of process units. Industry is very much adapted to the numerous nick name or short name of these process units. But what are them, let us have a look.

CDU / VDU :- Crude distillation Unit/ Vacuum Distillation Unit  :- Both units have separate distillation column and they are separate unit . But most of time, they called as a conjugate name.

ADU:- Atmospheric distillation unit (same to CDU)

VGO:- Vacuum Gas oil Unit :- This process unit objective is to further distillate the leftover residue of VDU unit. Its primary objective is reducing Sulphur and nitrogen from feed and prepare it for next level of conversion.

FCC:- Fluid Catalytic cracking:- The FCC consumes VGO and similar intermediate streams and cracks them using heat in the presence of a catalyst.

CCR:- Continuous Catalytic reforming Unit:- Continuous Catalytic reforming (CCR) is a chemical process that converts petroleum refinery naphthas distilled from low-octane oil into high-octane liquid products called reformates, which are premium blending stocks for high-octane gasoline

NHT-Naphta Hydrotreater Unit:- The  process unit removes sulfur and nitrogen from straight run naphtha from Crude Distillation process unit (CDU).

ISOM:- Isomerisation Unit:- It converts light naphtha into a higher-value gasoline blendstock by changing its molecular shape and raising its octane. 

DCU:- Delayed Coker Unit:- A delayed coker is a type of coker whose process consists of heating a residual oil feed to its thermal cracking temperature in a furnace with multiple parallel passes.

HGU:-Hydrogen Generation Unit :– Its name is enough to define its purpose.

SRU:- Sulphur recovery Unit:– Sulphur recovery from various stream to maintain a predefined Sulphur level.

U&O:- Utilities and Offsite:-Utility consist of ETP, RO-DM Plant etc and offsite consist of tank, sphere etc.

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