Steel Grades and their uses

Steel Grades and their uses

Oil & gas construction project consumes a huge quantity of steel either in form of Structural steel or metal sheet in form of pressure vessel or more. A large of specification are available for their uses.

Here we are going to understand the steel SAE specification and their meaning and IS steel uses.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has designated steel for so many years .

Steel designation consist of 4 numbers (X X X X ) . Each number has there own significance as mentioned below:-

First Digit:- Main Alloying element

Second Digit:- Top grade element

Third digit & fourth digit:- carbon wt %

SAE DesignationType
1XXX seriesCarbon Steel
2XXX SeriesNickel Steel
3XXX SeriesNickel Chromium Steel
4XXX SeriesMolybdenum Steel
5XXX SeriesChromium Steel
6XXX SeriesChromium Vanadium Steel
7XXX SeriesTungsten steel
8XXX SeriesNi-Cr-Mo Steel
9XXX SeriesSilicon Manganese Steel

Keep in mind that SAE designation system is different than IS system of designation.

Below is various grades of Steel as per Indian Specification and their uses.

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