Cold Box in Oil and Gas Industry

Cold Box in Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry uses several cryogenic equipment’s. These equipment need to remain isolated from external weather conditions like high temperature , rain, snow and wind to function it properly.

Cold box is a complete package of carbon steel casing with self -supporting structure  that contain cryogenic equipment such as brazed plate fin exchangers, core in drums and associated piping and instrumentation. Insulation work for heat exchanger and piping assembly is done with perlite insulation. 

It is modular package and should consume little time during installation. Piping and instrumentation in vendor scope save a lot of time.

For successful operation it comes with nitrogen purge system, relief hatch and dry out connection.

cold box
cold box in Oil and Gas sector

Cold box application in different filed of Oil and Gas sector:-

  1. Natural gas liquification.
  2. LNG cold utilization.
  3. Ethylene production.
  4. Methane Production.
  5. Air separation.
  6. BOG (Boil off Gas) Condenser.
  7. CO-H2 separation

See below its final Look.

Main component of Cold box in Oil Industry.

  1. Heat exchanger
  2. Associated component
  3. Associated Piping and Instrument
  4. Nitrogen purge system
  5. Breather Valve
  6. Emergency Vent and Manway
  7. Side Panel and Floor Pane
  8. carbon steel Casing 

Few List of various supplier:-

  1. Fives
  2. Sumitimo Precision Product.
  3. Kobelco
  4. CoreWorks
  5. CYYEnergy

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