Bio Mass Refinery to Reduce GHG emission

Bio Mass Refinery to Reduce GHG emission

Most of the time Biomass disposal is a major concern for Government and the society. Without a visionary solution it result in to development of large landfill sites. But Biomass refinery is very much convincing solution to it.

Biomass refinery is a facility to convert Biomass to bioenergy (fuel, power, heat ) and bio based products (food , chemicals ,materials) .

The biochemical process involves application of aerobic/anaerobic digestion for the production of biogas; or fermentation, which results in the generation of ethanol. Ethanol can directly be used as fuel or Both these products could be subsequently treated chemically and through trans-esterification process, leading to production of biodiesel.

Biorefinery involve the integration of different biomass treatment and processing methods into one system, which results in the production of different components from the same biomass. 


  1. Energy security.
  2. Low hazardous emission
  3. Low GHG emission.
  4. Reduction in disposal of bio-waste.
  5. Supply of fuel, free from OPEC policies.
  6. Creation of Jobs.
  7. Address climate change issue.
  8. employment generation in rural area.
  9. Additional income to farmer.


Biofuel will replace convention fuel with Biofuels as below :-



Few Examples of Bio Refinery are :-

  1. Waste shell Biorefinery
  2. Fuels from Kitchen waste.
  3. Aromatic chemicals from Lignin.


List of ongoing Biorefineries are :-

Bio Refinery in India

Various countries has set their target for use of Bio fuel as listed below:-

Bio refinery target

Source:-World biofuel Day Webinar 10th Aug 2020, CSIR-IIP


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