Artificial Intelligence in Construction Industry

Artificial Intelligence in Construction Industry

Construction works in a Project is highly complex thing, because it’s a joint activity of various teams. Teams may be at the same location or may be spread across the globe for a single location project. The teams members are sitting at different location and in most of the cases they never face each  other F2F during complete life cycle of the project. This  create enough room for schedule overrun and cost overrun.

This crisis situation can lead to various challenges during construction of the project.

The construction industry has following common challenges:-

  1. Engineering challenges.
  2. Safety Challenges
  3. Labour shortage during festive season.
  4. Cost overrun and cost variation.
  5. Schedule overrun.

AI could bring solution to above challenges of Oil & Gas sectors in following ways.

  1. Rotating equipment i.e. Pump and compressor are completely vendor designed items. Most of the time vendor offers their own Standard models. Before procurement of rotating equipment the frame size of rotating equipment could not be fixed. This delay in frame size delay in foundation design of rotating equipment. But AI could predict the most probable size of the frame. Wait, they are also able to tell you how much they are confident with this size prediction in percentage terms. The early prediction of frame size and followed with foundation design would reduce the risk factor. This would be helpful to avoid schedule overrun and various revisions in foundation drawing.
  1. At conceptualization stage of project, if more details are not available, it is very common practice to consider all pumps as Horizontal centrifugal pump. However the predicted horizontal CF pump could not be solution but vertical CF pump may serve the purpose. A small change from Horizontal to centrifugal could increase the cost several fold and project cost may overrun. AI could bring solution with their prediction and selection of Pumps in early stage of project and could protect project from going out of track.
  1. Plant and Non-plant building is most ignorant portion of project.  AI could bring solution to fix the count and size of building. This would make project schedule and cost more accurate.
  1. A very much common project in AI or Deep learning is identification of loan defaulter. The same methodology could be applied to identify defaulter contractor. Detection and blacklisting of such contractor could protect project. This would help to reduce crisis situation in construction.
  1. Change order or Extra claim is one of the very much common features in Project construction execution. A skilled AI could be able to identify that type of items and prepare client or consultant to make early necessary steps.
  1.  AI could optimise the supply chain management and it will Identify extra procured materials and hence early step my management could avoid penalty.
  1. No need to say Steel and cement price prediction would be there also.
  1. Monsoon prediction is very much common practice of AI which could help to early prediction of productivity loss during construction.

A lot more to do with artificial intelligence in Construction industry. AI is the future , and every type of construction industry which deals with infinite number of constraints on daily basis must think about it. AI is the need of time for fast and smooth execution of construction project.

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